Like minded individuals and team leaders
banding together to form a strategic alliance.

Just as your offline financial advisor researches
high yield and long term residual companies to invest in, TLC provides the same for you online.

We determine which 'programs' to invest in 
and specific strategies to use within each
program to accomplish true financial su

We've taken away all obstacles with a new
approach & philosophy and it is working!




Walter Smith

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Not a Team Build
Not a rapid fire program pusher

No More Continuous Recruiting
No More Continuous Advertising
No More Failure To Fill A Matrix
o More 17 Hrs A Day At Computer
No More Cross Promoting
No More Unfullfilled Expectations
No More Worrying About Money

We work 2 days a week
and look at joining a program
as a strategic investment in
our portfolio not an emotional endeavor. 

Whether you are a team leader of many or an individual, you will want to make TLC your choice!




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